Getting up at sunrise…to photosynthesize…
When the earth was new
And when it finally cooled
The air was full of poison
And so nothing grew.
But as the years went by
And lightning filled the sky
Some chemicals were brought together
From stormy weather.
Something new growing
Was photosynthesizing.

They photosynthesize right before your eyes
Plants of every size photosynthesize
Green plants in the world turning sunlight to food
Getting up at sunrise…to photosynthesize.

What can green plants do
They’ve got no mouth to chew
And so they take a little sunlight
For making their food
They add some carbon dioxide
Some water too
When they mix it all together
They’re making sugar
Something new growing
Is photosynthesizing


They were doing it then
They’re doing it now.
Only green plants do it
Somehow they know how.
They’re making oxygen over and over again
It’s a neat little trick
I’d like to see it
When the sun’s rising
They’re photosynthesizing

© 2003 Casablanca Kids