Dinosaur Dream

Last night I had a dream. I had a time machine.
It was powered by thought, not gasoline.
I knew where I was going, yes, I had a plan
To the age of dinosaurs with my friend Dan.
Oo oo like a movie show
Where you know you’ll be scared but still you go.
I like to go back in time.
I like to go but I don’t like flying.
D-D-D-Dinosaurs are always in my dreams.

Well, Dan and I we landed on the valley floor
When out of the jungle came an Allosaur
He had big teeth and hungry eyes
And when he stood up I couldn’t see the sky.
And he said "Hey kids, I’m a carnivore
And you’re the dinner I’ve been looking for."
I said, "Hey Dan, we’d better split this scene"
He said, "Don’t you worry, it’s just a dream."

Well, it got a little crazy as time went on
We were riding on the back of a Pteranodon.
With leathery wings and she did glide
High up on a cliff by the cool seaside.
And she said "Hey kids, I hate to beg
But an Oviraptor’s trying to eat my eggs."
So I gave him a squirt with my water gun
I said "Don’t get mad, we’re just having fun".
D-D-D-Dinosaurs are always in my dreams.

So then a Brontosaurus let us slide down her neck.
Don’t you know by now, I was an awful wreck.
She said "watch this", she did a 30 tonne dance
Then her little head ate a bunch of plants
Oo oo that Brontosaurus dance
It shook me up, I nearly lost my pants.
I told her that we’d keep in touch by mail
Then we hitched a ride on a Stegosaurus’ tail.

Suddenly we’re running in a dinosaur race.
With a Struthiomimus with a bird-like face.
Iguanadons and duck bills too
We were running so fast that we were turning blue.
Oo oo you should have seen us go
But how did I know we were moving slow?
Because just then things got a little complex
When Dan yelled "Here comes a Tyrannosaurus Rex".
Let’s get out of here. Wake up.
D-D-D-Dinosaurs are always in my dreams
Dinosaurs are always in my dreams.
© 2003 Casablanca Kids