We are farmers

Mary, you won’t believe what I saw today
When I was hunting I lost my way.
Mary, I saw some people working with the earth
It was magic – like a child’s birth
They were putting some corn right into the ground
Mary, was I surprised
When I asked the man if something was wrong
He looked me straight in the eyes, and he said

We are farmers.
We grow our food right from the land.
We are farmers,
And if you like
We’ll teach you how to work with your hands.

Mary, you won’t believe what we’re doing today
You won’t believe it, but we’re going to stay
Mary, the farmer said that we were welcome here
No more wandering, in constant fear
We’ll put seeds in the ground on a sunny spring day
Then keep all the birds away
The children running around where it’s safe to play
And we’ll be so proud to say


Mary, I see you’ve made some different tools
Why, you could even start a farming school
Mary, you’re really smart, and I don’t know how
You’ve gone and tamed our one and only cow
Well, now the cow gives milk for the children to drink
They’re getting stronger before our eyes
And yes, our travelling days are over, I think
I’m beginning to realize

© 2003 Casablanca Kids