One Hundred Years Ago

One hundred years ago
There were no refrigerators,
Stores with elevators.
On hundred years ago
There was nothing like a T.V.
Radios or C.D.’s
One hundred years ago
You couldn’t see a movie
No T.V No movies
Or wear runners that were groovy…

You wake up scared in the middle of the night
You reach up slow, you turn on the light
And after all the shadows disappear
It’s just your room, yeah, there’s nothing to fear
But you wouldn’t have electric lights, you know
One hundred years ago.

You’re walking home in the winter snow
It’s a real mean blizzard, it’s twenty below
Oh well, now here comes your dad in the family car
Well you thank your dad, you thank your lucky stars
‘Cause you wouldn’t be warm in the family car
One hundred years ago.


You’re sick at school. You can’t take it anymore
You feel like throwing up right there on the floor
So you call up your mother on the telephone
She’s there in a flash and then she takes you home
Well you couldn’t get help on the telephone
One hundred years ago.

© 2003 Casablanca Kids