Beluga Tears

Go down the St. Lawrence River
Go down in early morning.
When the cold winds make you shiver
And the fog leaves without warning
You’ll hear the sailors telling stories
About the white Beluga Whales
And how they call them sea canaries
And how the singing fills their sails.

Up and down the St. Lawrence River
In the warm and shallow waters
When the cold winds make you shiver
One of Mother Nature’s daughters
Is swimming with her babies
It’s a very peaceful sight
But in the shadows of the factories
Pollution’s at it’s height.

And I wonder
Mother Beluga
How can people be so blind
I saw the hurt in your eyes
Yes you’ve been happy in these waters for fifteen hundred years
But now you cry Beluga tears.

What a place to raise a baby
In the warm and dirty river
Where growing up’s a maybe
And the chance is getting slimmer
‘cause meanwhile tonnes of poison
Are put there everyday
And the ones that make decisions
Just look the other way.

So clean up the St. Lawrence River
Stop putting in the poisons
Clean water – let’s deliver
Clean water, that’s our mission
And then the signs that say
‘No Swimming’
We’ll burn them all someday
And everybody’s children
Will have another place to play.


© 2003 Casablanca Kids