The Little Ol’ House Spider

Howdy all you homo sapiens.
I’m a little ol’ house spider and I’ve got a bedtime story for you

One day while walking underneath the floor
I heard you talking to the neighbour at the door
"I’m gonna get a hammer and flatten it" you said
Now can’t we work this out, my friend! I don’t wanna lose my head.

I’m gonna run up the pipe
Spin my web
Make my home right over your bed
Wait ‘til you’re asleep tonight
And then I’ll give you a kiss goodnight.

One day while munching on a bug burger with cheese
I saw you coming – and I handled it with ease
‘Cause I got eight eyes, I can see you everywhere
I just got up on my eight legs and hurried out of there.


I keep the house clean
I’ll help you catch the flies
You know that I won’t hurt you
You can see it in my eyes
But once in a while you try and get me with a broom
You do this big clean up and you chase me from my room.

© 2003 Casablanca Kids